Mountain View

Meet Ray & Jamie

Ray and Jamie Doubleday are celebrating 25 years of crafting high quality woodenware in beautiful mid coast Maine. They find their inspiration in where they live and the medium they have chosen.


Ray & Jamie:  In everything we do we feel that it is nature, not we who is the artist. Many of our new designs are a direct reflection of nature, such as our fish board and our many leaf shapes. Other designs are a celebration of the wood itself. We see the layout process (where we assemble strips of differing woods) as a way to highlight the beauty of the wood. The white of maple is striking in itself but when it is placed next to a piece of black walnut the combination becomes synergistic. Add the bright red of padauk, the golden tones of ash and oak with the earth tone of cherry and we have an explosion of beauty.


As an engineer I am constantly looking for ways to improve our manufacturing processes. Although wood is a renewable resource, we take our stewardship role seriously and try to maximize the use of the wood we buy minimizing the scrap. This is why you see some very thin strips of wood in our breadboards. The finishing of our boards is done with food safe oils and a touch of bees’ wax. 



Living in coastal Maine we are surrounded by spectacular natural beauty. Everyday the changing palettes of the mighty Atlantic Ocean and the subtle textures of the mysterious Maine woods provide inspiration and encouragement. We try to capture the changing beauty of these natural resources through our design and use of various woods.


All of our products are functional, we find it a constant and rewarding challenge to design new objects We take pride in the quality of our work. There is a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction in speaking with customers who tell us they have had one of our cutting boards for many many years and it still looks great.




Quality wood products for the home. Handcrafted cutting boards made in Maine.

Mystic Woodworks  P.O. Box 39 Warren Maine 04864 (207) 273-3937